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Hands Off My Car




To participate in the Promotion, you must enter via the following methods:

a. Complete an official entry form and enter it into the designated entry container at any participating Brad Francis Automotive dealership or event from March 27th 2017 through April 23rd 2017. A total of twenty (20) qualifiers will be selected as described in Section 1.a of these Official Rules.

b. Complete an official online entry at from March 27th through April 23rd 2017. A total of fifteen (15) qualifiers will be selected as described in Section 1. b of these Official Rules.

c. Post a second chance message on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ that says exactly “I just entered the #bradfrancisgiveaway to win a new car”. A total of five (5) qualifiers will be selected as described in Section 1. c. of these Official Rules.

d. Entries are limited to one (1) online entry per person, one (1) onsite entry per person, or one (1) guaranteed entry. The second chance posting entries are also limited to one (1) per person. Regardless of means of entry, a person can only be selected once as a grand prize qualifier in the Promotion.

e. The Promotion is open to all persons who are 18 years of age or older and who reside in the State of New Mexico. Employees of Brad Francis, its licensee, the licensee’s parent, subsidiary and affiliated entities, dealership's advertising and promotional agencies, its participating sponsors, other car dealerships in the Albuquerque area, the members of their immediate families (spouse, parent, sibling or child) and those living in the same household of each (whether related or not), are ineligible to enter or win. This Promotion is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited.

f. The winner must provide valid government-issued driver’s license, current automobile insurance, and provide their complete address, date of birth and phone number to claim a prize.

g. Entrants are required to provide truthful information and the dealership will reject and delete any entry that it discovers to be false or fraudulent. The dealership will disqualify any entry from individuals who do not meet the eligibility requirements. The dealership will also delete any entry knowingly received from persons under the age of 13 in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Act.


a. One (1) grand prize will be awarded. The grand prize is 2017 Chevrolet Spark Vin # KL8CA6SA7HC754244 which has an Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of the prize is $13,875. Grand Prize Winner will be solely responsible for all taxes and all other fees and expenses not specified herein associated with the receipt and use of the Prize. Grand Prize winner will be solely responsible for any applicable vehicle title, license, registration, delivery and dealer fees and taxes, insurance, and inspection charges, additional equipment, all federal, state and local taxes, gasoline, vehicle maintenance, all other fees and expenses not specified herein associated with the receipt and use of this prize vehicle.

b. The dealerships accept no responsibility for repairing any real or supposed damage to any prize. The winner will accept the chosen prize vehicle “as is.” Any additional car options (including the interior and exterior color of the prize) not specified herein are subject to availability and will be the responsibility of the winner. The dealership has not made and are is not responsible in any manner for any warranties, representations, or guarantees, express or implied, in fact or law, relating to the Grand Prize vehicle, including without limitation, its quality, mechanical condition, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, with the exception of any standard manufacturer’s warranty that may apply to the vehicle, which is supplied by the manufacturer and not the dealership or any supplemental warranties which the winner may purchase from the manufacturer or Brad Francis and which are not the responsibility of the dealership. In the event that the designated vehicle model is unavailable at time of prize award, the dealership reserve the right to award a substitute vehicle of equal or greater value.

c. Grand Prize winner must provide proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license to take delivery and must take delivery at the dealership designated by the dealership within thirty (30) days of notification of or winner forfeits prize.

d. Winner must complete all required dealership Promotion-related paperwork and releases at the office of the dealership at the address below no later than thirty (30) days after winning. The dealership is not responsible for the safe arrival of a prize or prize certificate.

e. There is no substitution, transfer or cash equivalent for prizes, except that the dealership may, at its sole discretion, substitute prizes or cash of comparable value. The prizes are expressly limited to the item(s) listed above and unless otherwise expressly specified, do not include taxes, gratuities or any other expenses. Other restrictions may apply.


a. Decisions of the dealership management with respect to the Promotion are final.

b. A total of Forty (40) Grand Prize qualifiers will be selected during the Promotion. Twenty Five (25) qualifiers will be selected from in person entry forms as described in Section 1.a. of these Official Rules. Fifteen (15) qualifiers will be selected from online entries as described in Section 1. b of these Official Rules. Five (5) second chance social media qualifiers will be selected as described in Section 1. c of these Official Rules. Should there not be sufficient entries in one category qualifiers will be selected from all entries received.

c. A random drawing from all entries as described above will be held on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 and Grand Prize qualifiers will be notified via phone and email as provided on the submitted entry form and must respond to the notification by Wednesday, April 26th  2017. In the event all Grand Prize qualifiers do not respond a second chance drawing will be held from all entries on Friday, April 28th, 2017 who are present at the contest location as described herein at 5:30 pm. All Grand prize qualifiers must attend the grand prize event on Friday evening beginning at 6pm to have a chance to win the grand prize. The grand prize event will take place at the Brad Francis Chevrolet off site sale location which will be located at 01 I25 By Pass Road, Belen, New Mexico, 87002 (commonly known as the Belen Wal Mart Parking Lot), unless another location is announced prior to the event. All grand prize qualifiers must arrive at the Brad Francis Chevrolet off site sale location and register with designated dealership personnel no later than 6:00pm MST in order to participate in the grand prize event. Failure of any grand prize qualifier to register by this time will result in their disqualification from the Promotion. No family member, friend or other person may register in place of a qualifier or otherwise take the place of a qualifier at the grand prize event. No substitutes are permitted.

d. After the registration process is completed, the dealership will randomly select one of the registered grand prize qualifiers at a time up to twenty (20) participants and when each grand prize qualifier’s name is announced they must place one hand the car. Qualifiers will be eliminated if they remove, or shift their hand from the original location of their hand on the car. The qualifiers hand must be in the original placement the entire time in order to compete for the grand prize. Qualifiers are not allowed to sit, lie down, or lean on the car. Qualifiers are not allowed to bring cots, chairs or any other instrument to sit, kneel, or lie on. Only their hand will be allowed to touch the car. Qualifiers may not change hands after their initial hand placement on the car. Each qualifier may elect to eliminate themselves from the grand prize event at any time. The last person with their hand on the car will be the grand prize winner. If by Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 7:00pm MT there is more than one (1) qualifier with his or her hand still on the car, one (1) winner will be selected in a random drawing of all qualifiers who have not been eliminated and still have their hand on the car.

e. Qualifiers are not allowed to listen to any portable music or use their cell phones while their hands are on the car. The dealership will have discretion over what items are allowed and what items are prohibited, and must inspect all items brought in by each qualifier. No drugs or medication will be allowed unless they are required under a doctor’s orders or under a prescription. Qualifiers must notify and provide proof to the dealership of such doctor’s orders or prescription at the time they check in for the Grand Prize Event. All prescription drugs must be issued in the name of the qualifier only. Qualifiers are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages during the Grand Prize Event. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere in or near the contest area. Qualifiers bringing in such products will be disqualified from the contest. The possession or use of any over the counter drugs will NOT be allowed. Qualifiers bringing in such products will be disqualified from the contest. No consumption of energy drinks (such as Red Bull or Monster Energy Drinks) or caffeine pills (such as No Doze) will be allowed. Qualifiers bringing in such products will be disqualified. No smoking will be permitted inside the contest area during the Grand Prize Event.

f. Qualifiers will be given the opportunity to take ten (10) minute bathroom breaks approximately every hour, based on the schedule contained below during the Grand Prize Event. All qualifiers will take breaks at the same time. The dealership will be providing three (3) meals per day and drinking water for qualifiers during the Grand Prize event for qualifiers only. All qualifiers participating in the Grand Prize Event will break for meals provided by the dealership at the same time. There will be a twenty (20) minute break for meals as indicated in the schedule contained below. Failure of a qualifier to return their hand to the vehicle at the end of any scheduled break will be eliminated from the contest.

The following break schedule will be followed:

04/28                     19:00                     Contest Begins

04/28                     21:00-21:10         Bathroom Break

04/28                     22:00-22:10         Bathroom Break

04/28                     23:00-23:20         Meal Break

04/29                     01:00-01:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     02:00-02:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     03:00-03:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     04:00-04:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     05:00-05:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     06:00-06:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     07:00-07:20         Meal Break

04/29                     09:00-09:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     10:00-10:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     11:00-11:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     12:00-12:20         Meal Break

04/29                     14:00-14:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     15:00-15:10         Bathroom Break

04/29                     16:00-16:10         Final Break

04/29                     19:00                     Contest Ends

g. At no point during the Grand Prize Event may qualifiers use profane or offensive language. Use of such language will be cause for immediate disqualification. Qualifiers must maintain proper and appropriate behavior at all times and may be disqualified at any point for behavior deemed inappropriate by the dealership staff on-site, as determined by the dealership in its sole and absolute discretion. Qualifiers must refrain from any indecent or sexual behavior, whether individual or towards other participants. Any instance of indecent or sexual behavior will result in immediate disqualification, solely at the discretion of the dealership. No verbal abuse, including the use of profanities, against other participants inside the contest area will be permitted. Excessive abuse will constitute grounds for immediate disqualification from contest, solely at the discretion of the dealership. Foul play will not be tolerated. There will be no throwing of items at other qualifiers. There will be no pushing, shoving, hitting or spitting, or unwanted touching in any manner, or any physical violence of any sort towards any of the qualifiers to induce them to exit the Grand Prize Event.

h. Odds of being a qualifier depend upon the number and method of entries received, or the number of eligible entries received. Odds of a Qualifier winning the Grand Prize are 1 in 20.

i. Grand Prize qualifiers will be notified of being selected as a qualifier at the time of their selection. Online and onsite qualifiers will be notified of being selected as a qualifier by telephone immediately following the random drawing. If a qualifier can’t be contacted within twenty-four (24) hours of winning, the potential qualifier will be disqualified and an alternate qualifier will be selected in a random drawing of all remaining eligible entries with the final drawing from all contestants present at the off site location described herein at 5:30pm on Friday, April 28, 2017.

j. The winner must execute and return any required affidavit of eligibility and/or liability/publicity release within thirty (30) days of winning or prize will be forfeited. If a potential winner cannot be contacted, fails to sign and return the required affidavit of eligibility and/or liability/publicity release within the required time period, or if a prize or prize notification is returned as undeliverable, the potential winner forfeits the prize.


a. Payments of all federal, state and local taxes are solely the responsibility of the winner. The winner will be required to complete and submit an IRS Form W-9 with the winner’s full Social Security Number or the equivalent for receipt of any prize valued at $600 or more or for any prizes awarded by the dealership in a calendar year with an aggregate value of $600 or more. Failure to submit a complete W-9 or equivalent will result in forfeiture of the prize. Such winnings of $600 or more will be reported to the IRS.

b. By participating in the Promotion, the winner agrees to have the winner’s name, voice and likeness used in any advertising or broadcasting material relating to the Promotion without additional financial or other compensation, and, where legal, to sign a publicity affidavit confirming such consent prior to acceptance of the prize.

c. Prior to awarding any prize or prize certificate, the dealership, in its sole discretion, may require Promotion winner (and any travel companion(s) or guest(s)) to sign a liability release, agreeing to release and hold harmless the dealership, its licensee, the licensee’s parent, subsidiary and affiliated entities, their respective officers, shareholders, directors, employees, agents and representatives and all of their successors and assigns from and against any and all claims or liability arising directly or indirectly from the prize and participation in the Promotion.

d. If for any reason this Promotion cannot be executed as planned, including, but not limited to, as a result of infection by computer virus, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, acts of war or terror, natural disaster, or any other causes beyond the control of the dealership that corrupt or affect the security, administration, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Promotion, or if the Promotion is compromised or becomes technically corrupted in any way, electronically or otherwise, the dealership reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the Promotion. If the Promotion is terminated before the original end date, the dealership may choose to, at its discretion, select the winners by random drawing from among all eligible non-suspect entries received as of the termination time/date or may cancel the promotion entirely.

e. The dealership, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process or the operation of the dealership’s website. Failure to comply with the rules of the Promotion may result in a contestant’s disqualification and/or forfeiture of any prize or prizes. If the dealership makes a good faith determination that an entrant has cheated or committed fraudulent activity in connection with a Promotion, the dealership reserves the right to disqualify that entrant from entering and/or winning future Promotions and to prosecute and seek damages to the fullest extent permitted by law.

f. The dealership reserves the right to make changes in the rules of the Promotion, including, without limitation, the substitution of a prize of equivalent value, which will become effective upon announcement. If due to circumstances beyond the control of the dealership, any competition or prize-related event or travel is delayed, rescheduled, postponed or cancelled, the dealership reserves the right, but not the obligation, to cancel or modify the Promotion and shall not be required to award a substitute prize.

g. The dealership is not responsible for typographical or other errors in the printing, the offering or the administration of the Promotion or in the announcement of a prize.

h. This promotion is presented by Brad Francis Automotive. Brad Francis Automotive is solely responsible for administering and conducting this promotion. Any other entity mentioned herewith or in any advertising or promotion are not responsible for the execution of the promotion, including but limited to KKSS-FM Univision-Albuquerque, General Motors, or Wal-Mart.

i. For a copy of these Official Rules, send a self-addressed stamped envelope for receipt by April 1, 2017 to Brad Francis Hands Off My Car, 377 Emilio Lopez Road, Los Lunas, NM 87031.


a. By use of the dealership’s website or by entering the Promotion through the dealership’s website or by completing an onsite entry you agree to the website’s Terms of Use Agreement located at and to the use of your personal information as described in the Privacy Policy located at

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